*Pinkie Pie's Hot Air Balloon house *3-tier Roller skate party cake (moving roller rink & spin ride on top) *Sweetie Belle's gumball house (twirly elevator) These fit the smallest my little ponies the best, the 1.5" ones and up to 2.5" No sound or lights (gumball house does make oven noise but that's it...3 AAA worth it?) still they have lots of cute details *plus 5 horses in the size range men...
Arms reach mini cosleeper. Great condition. Smoke Free home. All instructions, accessories, and bag.
9 animals 35+ accessories/furniture *Free tree house...it wobbles (I added the little bean bag that fixes it) *FREE panda *A Lily Sale, saving for Disneyland!
Sanded and painted but not pretty! Great for a fixer upper, good working condition though! 2 4 wide, 1 4.5 deep, 2 6 tall. New knobs. PPU off auburn black diamond road
-4 building none were intended for Polly pocket but they are a working scale. Buildings are in good condition. *House *Mall *Movie theater *Teenager bedroom (folds up and has strap for easy transportation) -Furniture is in good condition. 2 "sets" of furniture. There are dolls for each size. -1 bus/rock n' roll stage -1 Polly pocket car -1 car case -30+ dolls (some Disney princesses) -150+ acce...
I have about 10 of these total! 4 tall the rest the smaller one. The towel ones have a little bit of a blue tint 2M. The shorter when's our clear to alittle bit of and brownish tint. Not all of them are exactly the same size height with but pretty close.Height of the tall ones are about 13 1/2" shorter are about 11in Price is each or make offer...the more you buy the less they are!
Scentsy Buddy (Monkey). I had it on the nightstand in our spare bedroom. More of decoration than anything. Currently no scents pack inside of him (I'm sure I'll find those eventually). Excellent condition. Porch pickup near Four Corners.